In 1974 Nicholas Mongiardo began restoring Art Deco for Delorenzo Gallery and the most discerning and sophisticated collectors of 20th Century French Art Deco. Through years of restoration Nicholas gained an intimate understanding of the fine details and slight nuances of Ruhlmann, Chareau, Eileen Gray, Dupre Lafon Rateau and others. In the mid 1990’s the Art Deco market reached a point that reproducing the pieces, which Nick had restored since the 1970’s, became a natural progression.

At the same time Nick’s first born son, Taj Monjardo, began working for Nick in the finishing shop as an assistant. After many years of reproductions, custom furniture became common place along side the reproductions. Mongiardo Studios has become among the top builders of ultra high end custom furniture in the world. With it’s roots in the restoration and reproduction of pieces by French masters such as Ruhlmann, Dunand, Dupre Lafon and Chareau, the company has grown into a modern concern producing furniture for the best contemporary designers. In 2015 Nicholas Mongiardo retired leaving the company to his eldest son and employee since 1995. Taj enjoys experimenting with materials new and old and pushing the envelope beyond what has been done in the past.

Our work can be found all over the world in private residences and in the finest retail showrooms. Our 15,000 square foot facility is equipped with the very latest in CNC technology, machinery and tools both new and old, a modern finishing shop with capacity for the latest finishes along with traditional finishing techniques. We are proud to employ highly skilled and experienced craftspeople and finishers.

Mongiardo Studios works with only the finest materials, from exotic hardwoods, metals, composites, mica, gypsum, shagreen, parchment and acrylic to the very best in traditional and contemporary finishes. We strive to make every piece of the highest possible quality for the greatest longevity with attention to the finest details.